Interview: Successful business climate brought the French school in Macedonia, diplomas recognized in Europe

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Due to the favorable business climate in the country, French businessman Jean- Francois Le Rock decided to come to Macedonia. Works for youngest with high energy and desire and love for the country where he continued his business.

French International School in Skopje is the only educational center where the classes are conducted in French language.

The new primary school is offering education program under the Ministry of Education of France, which awarded the accreditation. All instruction is conducted in French language, while the Macedonian and English language is taught in 5 lessons per week.

In the interview for Kurir, Le Rock reveals details about the school that he opened in the Republic of Macedonia, country that has been most attractive for doing business.

French international school in Macedonia is offering unique educational program in French language under the French educational system. What is the difference between French and Macedonian educational system?

– The differences between the Macedonian and the French educational system is fundamental. In the Macedonian education system, children learn lot of information, while the French education system aims to teach children to learn, is stimulates the desire in them for new knowledge. Yet, the French method of learning directs the student to self-determination, self-realization, building identity and individuality, to become with people their opinion and attitude and humane attitude towards the environment.

What is the age at which children can enroll in French school?

– Our motto is that “Countdown to success begins from small age”, which actually means that it is never too early to start educating children and motivating their ambitions. The educational process in primary school by the French education system begins at age 6. However, under International French school functions and French nursery, where the appropriate age for enrollment of the child is the age of 2 years. Kindergarten in certain way is preparing for elementary school where the child also gets knowledge appropriate for their age. So, education is available for all ages, and it remains to the parents to decide when their child will engage in the educational process.

You said that teaching is exclusively in French language. What if the child’s parents do not speak French, will they still be able to enroll their child in the French school?

Parents do not have to speak French language. There is a preparatory period. Children learn at school and have no homework. We offer three times week assistance in the preparation of homework (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday) after school for children in first and second grade (Education) and the newly enrolled children whose parents do not speak French language. The school also offers to parents, French and Macedonian language as foreign language in the period 2 times per week for 1 hour.

What classes will be taught? Does it contain teaching subjects related to religion?

– No. French International School is a secular institution careful to respect the freedom of religion and equality of everyone. The French language is taught, but additionally is taught English language as native language for all those who have a different native language. Then, in coordination with national educational programs would be taught,  the most important elements of Mathematics, Sscience and Technology (physics, chemistry, technical education) and Information and Communication Technology, History, Geography, Art Education, Civic Education and one of the features whose development we want to encourage individuality and self-initiative.

After several years spent in EFIS, is it possible for children to face difficulties if they are later on forwarded to the Macedonian educational system?

– Regardless of the level of education, the child would be able successfully to return to the national Macedonian educational system because students have 2, 3, 4 hours of Macedonian language as native language.

What is the degree that will be given to the children that study at EFIS?

– At the end of secondary school student will acquire the French diploma for graduation, a document issued by the Ministry of Education of France. This degree will allow student access to universities of the European Union.

Where is the teaching staff from?

Professors from France will run the educational program, highly educated and with extensive experience in the education system. At the educational process prevails individual approach and each department will have 15 students.

Does it includes learn additional foreign language besides French language?

Mother – Tongue, which for most children is Macedonian, and are, included English and Albanian language, which will be studied 5 times week – 45 minutes every day. While for others, whose native language is Macedonian or Albanian as a foreign language will learn English, which will be taught by teachers whose native language is English.

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