Ivanov: Macedonia proudly celebrates the Victory over fascism and Europe Day

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Macedonia proudly celebrated these two bright dates in history.

In the year when we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the first meeting of the ASNOM, we remember the great contribution of our people in the victory over fascism, the moment that contribute to lasting peace on the European continent, said the President of the Republic of Macedonia and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Gjorge Ivanov after the ceremonial parade of Army Units on the occasion 9 May – Europe Day and Day of victory over fascism.

Victory Day said Ivanov denoted building new democratic world of new values ​​and new relationships. It formed the United Nations, NATO, the EU, he said.

– Today our generation also has its fair mission, united together to build the Republic of Macedonia as democratic and economically advanced country that will foster the values ​​of all who live in this area. Our mission is the Republic of Macedonia to introduce to the great European and Euro-Atlantic family of nations with all the dignity that belongs to us, President Ivanov.

You, ARM members, which are renowned for their professionalism, dedication and achievements constantly exceed our and expectations of our partners and allies, noted President and Supreme Commander Ivanov and you should soon occupy its rightful place in the Alliance with equal responsibility, and in numerous successful rotations in peacekeeping missions ISAF and UNIFIL EULOKES.

Today’s event, according to Ivanov, is just another confirmation that the Army remains ready to take its place in NATO because, he underlined, we keep the values for nearly seven decades ago, have led to the collapse of fascism and create preconditions for the unification of European continent.

– Choosing the right path as was done in WWII, this generation deserves to be part of Europe and part of progressive and advanced world as country with democratic and economic prosperity. All interference of non-essential nature and that have nothing to do with the values ​​upon which is built the modern democratic world will not stop us from reaching our goal, the message is sent by the president and supreme commander of the armed forces of the Republic of Macedonia Gjorge Ivanov at ceremony parade of the units in the Army Family barracks “Ilinden”.

Congratulating the 9 May – Europe Day and Victory over Fascism to the members of the ARM and the present military attachés accredited in the country, as well as other citizens, Ivanov expressed confidence that they will continue to operate under the three values ​​that mark, as he said, these decades: patriotism, consistency and professionalism.

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