Macedonia stood on the side of freedom and the fight against fascism

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Organized by members of the Rector’s Office and the University Senate, students and other members of the academic community of UKIM today held a forum on “The Contribution of the Macedonian national liberation and anti-fascist struggle”.

Minister of Education and Science Spiro Ristovski attended the forum where speeches were made for Macedonia’s participation in the anti-fascist struggle.

Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje Rector Velimir Stojkovski noted that the University joins the celebration for the victory over fascism because it is the greatest holiday of all peoples in the world.

– In order to get what we have today, the world has suffered huge losses, over 50 million victims. Macedonia and the Macedonian nation can be proud, because at the right time we stepped on the right side – the side of freedom and the fight against fascism and as winners in this fight we got independent state, Stojkovski said.

Professor Nikola Zhezhov from the History Institute of Faculty of Philosophy said that the Macedonian people and all other ethnic groups living in Macedonia should proudly celebrate this holiday that means a big victory of civilized humanity, the freedom-loving world against the greatest human evil, fascism.

– Macedonia and the Macedonian people back in those distant years during the Second World War was actively involved in the national- liberation and antifascist movement although the nature of the struggle was the request for creation of a separate Macedonian state, this fight had antifascist character, Zhezhov noted.

The holding of the first meeting of the Anti-fascist Assembly for the National Liberation of Macedonia (ASNOM) Zhezhov added, and the creation of a Macedonian state on August 2, 1944 was recognized by the most of the then Western allies and the creation of the Federal Macedonian state within Yugoslavia was welcomed.

– The very fact that a large number of foreign military missions’ representatives were present at the meeting of ASNOM recognized the Macedonian state as an equal partner in the antifascist coalition. Macedonian people paid the cost in this fight against fascism with tens of thousands of victims in all parts of Macedonia, Zhezhov said.

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