Spasov: in two months 830 companies employed 1230 young people using the Government measure

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The recruitment of young people remains a top priority for the Macedonian Government.

Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the Ministry of Education in collaboration with UNDP and Economic Faculty continue activities aimed at increasing the awareness of young job seekers.

With easily accessible information, the goal is to increase employment in this group of people.

New Youth Info Club was opened today in Faculty of Economics in Skopje, where timely and accurate information about employment opportunities will be received.

The Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Dime Spasov said this is part of the activities undertaken by the Government to reduce unemployment among young people.

– I want to express my great satisfaction with the current implementation of the measure of relief from social security contributions for the employment of young people under 29 years. This measure is applied 2 months and the interest among private companies is really big. So far over 830 companies employed young people or more than 1230 young people are employed for two months using this measure, Spasov said.

He expects that in the future, this measure will continue to increase the number of employed young people.

The Government measure provides relief from social security contributions for employees in the amount of 37 percent to an average gross salary.

This and several other measures were explained today by Spasov before large numbers of students at the opening of the Info club.

Several such clubs will be opened in more cities.

According to Louisa Vinton, UNDP Resident Representative, the Info Center will reduce the distance between educational institutions and employers.

– This is a priority for UNDP globally, because the numbers show that 37 percent of the workforce belongs to the young, but 60 percent of the percentage of unemployed is young people, Vinton said.

Velimir Stojkovski, Rector of the University of Skopje, hopes the new Info center together with career centers will help students to get accurate and timely information on all employment opportunities.

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