Saracini: The Government will Take Care of “Ohis”

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Among the four raised tender documentation, “Ohis” has only one offer from a Bulgarian company.

The Minister of Economy, Valjon Saraqini says that the company must meet certain requirements to qualify and enter the procedure for signing the agreement.

Today a final oppinion of the Commission responsible for this tender will be reached.

-If we reach failure again, the government will not give up. We will surely find another way or once again change the model. An announcement of another tender is also a possibility. On the next cabinet meeting we will make a decision what to do with “Ohis”, the minister said.

The aim of the Government, says Saraqini, is to solve the case with the factory as soon as possible. But they will not accept to change the requirement that requires retention of all employees in the workplace.

About the payment of wages, Saraqini states that they are working on finding a way to help employees.

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