Jankuloska: Voting material smoothly delivered

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Minister of Interior Affairs Gordana Jankulovska after today’s meeting the Operational Headquarters of the Ministry of Interior Affairs for the elections, informed that the election material is delivered at all polling stations without any problems, and the authorities for implementation of the elections according to the calendar of the State Election Commission can resume activities.

In terms of the security issues, Jankuloska noted that are registered nine events in Skopje, Tetovo, Bitola, Resen and Negotino, which are with small or negligible damage and are mostly concerned about broken glass at the headquarters of political parties.

The Minister emphasized that in terms of police officers who will monitor the second round; their number will be slightly increased.

– It would mean that each polling place will be covered by the presence of representatives of the Ministry in accordance with the legislation, i.e. the distance permitted by the law, said Jankuloska and recalled that in the first round of presidential elections were engaged seven thousand policemen.

Jankuloska appealed to all citizens to act with dignity, to exercise their right to vote in democratic way and to allow other people to do it according to their will and decision adopted at based on political presentation of the participants in this election.

– If anyone, regardless of party, religion or ethnicity is individually involved in the incident should be aware that the responsibility is individual and that political leader will not save him or her from accountability before the law. Responsibility in accordance with the Electoral Code provides high imprisonment for irregularities, warned Jankuloska.

MIA between the election two rounds continue with its activities pertaining to the peaceful, fair and democratic elections, she informed, adding that for the presidential elections were held 62 campaign rallies and 8meetings with people, which were attended by over 40 thousand citizens, and 150 police officers were involved for securing the activities.

For the parliamentary elections were held 74 campaign rallies and 7 meetings with people, attended by over 60 thousand citizens, in providing security were engaged 270 officers.

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