Jankuloska: SDSM know that their concept is wrong will be defeated

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You managed to recognize the difference two weeks ago, when in the first round of presidential elections won we historic victory with over 120,000 votes difference. Citizens from all over Macedonia know the difference, but you in the EU 2, you managed best to distinguish what is politics of hope and perspective, and what is the policy of despair and stagnation.

This was stated by the owner of the list in the 2 EU from VMRO – DPMNE Gordana Jankulovska in her address to the citizens.

She stressed that citizens are experienced and want their voice to give not for words, but for programs and projects.

– So we came out with new, most extensive program ever. Total 2046 projects with clearly defined deadlines for their implementation and exactly defined budget, said Jankuloska noted, which noted that some of the new projects were presented to the citizens.

In this regard, Jankuloska stressed that citizens know that new projects are not just empty promises, because as she said, the offered report is guarantee for the realization of the projects offered by the VMRO -DPMNE. It is, added to the list holder in 2 EU from VMRO – DPMNE, the difference between them and SDSM.

– They know that their wrong concept will be defeated. Our job is to try it to explain it to the possible wider circle of people. To explain that the votes cast for SDSM or other smaller parties are lost votes. Cast vote for Pendarovski is vote in vain. Votes cast for VMRO- DPMNE and Coalition “For Better Macedonia” is a vote for at least 62 MPs, which will ensure the realization of the promised projects, said Jankuloska pointing that the citizens trust will give them energy and motivation to continue to jointly build secure future.

She thanked all citizens for the warm welcome at all meetings and called on April 27th, on Sunday to cast their vote for better future of Macedonia.

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