Poposki: Subsidizing employment of persons from vulnerable categories

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In the new program we have provided set of measures to help people who are facing difficulties to participate in the labor market, said today the candidate for MPs from VMRO – DPMNE for the 6 EU Nikola Poposki.

These measures, as highlighted Poposki, are intended for single parents, children without parents, for parents of children with special needs and for those who are for longer periods unemployed as a result of bankruptcy or liquidation of the company, and people at the age from 50 to 62 years.

The measures, he said, are referred to the young people until the age of 29 years.

– We have provided program for them in which the state will subsidize their employment within six months with covered insurance and costs, and the employer will be obliged to keep them at work for least 12 months, i.e. they would be employed for 18 months and can be kept at job further on, said Poposki.

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