Poposki: The measures for employment of young people are our priority

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The holder of the 6EU  Nikola Poposki today during meetings with the citizens of Gostivar, said that VMRO – DPMNE is especially dedicated to the measures for employment of young people.

It is projects “Support for employment (internship) of young people”, which provides increasing in employment among unemployed youth so that they are ready to engage in the labor market. Same as project “Subsidized employment for young people up to 29 years” – First Chance” which was first implemented in 2014 and aims at providing faster transition to graduate young people from education to employment process.

– We are particularly committed to employment measures for the youngest category of persons. In the first part, we have measure that is dedicated to encouraging the internship period of three months. It is the period in which the state will cover the fees, personal taxes and insurance for employees in order to gain some practical experience that will enable further employment.

For implementation of this measure will be paid 6,200 MKD per person per month, including personal income tax and insurance in case of accidents at work and occupational disease.

So far, the measure covered 1,295 young people, out of them 759 people are employed. In 2014 is planned to cover 319 young unemployed people for practical work.

– The second measure relates to encouraging the employment of the youngest until the age to 29 years, and refers to those with secondary or higher education. The state provides support for their practice within three months with the employer, which will be obligated to keep them at least six months to acquire certain skills and knowledge that will enable future employment, said Poposki.

In 2014 will be included 30 unemployed active jobseekers AERM, who completed higher education in academic year 2012-2013. Subsidized employment, as noted Poposki, will perform following 3 +6 model, which provides subsidized employment for 3 months full -time and 6 months of employer commitment to keep him / her.

Poposki, today visited Gostivar’s villages Zubovce, Gala, Vrapchiste and Vrutok. In Zubovce in 2012, was opened factory for meat and meat products “Karnem”.

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