Nikola Poposki on meeting with residents of Gostivar

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The first candidate of the coalition “For Better Macedonia” in the 6th Election District, Nikola Poposki today as part of the election campaign held several meetings with the residents of the municipality of Gostivar, and among other things he explain why it is important to have citizens’ support at the early parliamentary elections.

– It is important to get the maximum number of MPs and to avoid blackmail and disruption of the established political order. With the majority on our side we would be able to realize the most comprehensive program we have ever offered and which will provide over two thousand projects and 64 thousand jobs, said Popovski.

Popovski at the meetings with citizens of Gostivar requested support for the presidential candidate Gjorge Ivanov and stressed that he is stable man with whom the government could cooperate.

– It is very important who would be future President of the Republic of Macedonia and with whom the government would cooperate. Since it depends how we would be accepted beyond, both in terms of Euro – Atlantic integration and attracting the investment, said Popovski.

During the day, Popovski together with the candidates for deputies in the sixth constituency will have meeting with residents of neighboring municipalities Vrapchiste and Mavrovo – Rostushe.

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