Jankuloska: Ministry of Internal Affairs prepared for the upcoming parliamentary elections

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Operational headquarters set up for the purpose of elections is ready for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The last meeting of the operational headquarters was held today, and was attended by Minister of Internal Affairs Gordana Jankulovska and concluded that the operational headquarter is fully operational and ready for the parliamentary elections.

– Operational headquarters participated in all the activities that were associated with presidential elections or the first round, and within the activities related to the presidential elections where 67 rallies and 33 meetings with citizens were held. Our estimate is that about 115,000 people participated at these events and 800 police officers were engaged, Minister of Internal Affairs Gordana Jankulovska said.

Operational headquarter, the Minister emphasized, is communicating every day with persons who are identified by the political parties and so far they have managed to cover all events. The events went smoothly and there was no disturbance of public peace and order related with the presidential campaign.

-There were no incidents, which mean that our estimate is that the pre-election period has been peaceful, the campaign runs in a peaceful and democratic atmosphere, and from tomorrow we will have a slightly different way of organizing parliamentary elections because it means additional scope of work for MIA, Jankuloska added.

During the parliamentary elections all MIA units will be ​​available to cover the total territory of Macedonia. 7000 police officers who are specially trained for the electoral process will monitor the situation on the field.

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