Greece Must Have Responsibility and Solidarity with Everyone in the EU

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The EU President, Herman van Rompuy gave a speech at the summit of the G8 at Camp David in the US, expressing great concern about the political situation in Greece and urged Greeks to have responsibility and solidarity to the EU, not just require that.

Van Rompuy once again confirmed that the future of Greece is in the eurozone.

-I do not hide my concern about the current political uncertainty in Greece. This country is a member of the EU and the eurozone and that means solidarity and responsibility. The eurozone showed solidarity by providing Greece with almost 150 billion euros in loans so far. Along with this support, the EU made enormous efforts to help revive the Greek economic potential, said the president of the European council, and pointed out that in parallel with the situation in Greece, most EU countries are involved in ambitious reforms to pay their debts and sustainability, as well as to raise productivity and improve

– According to Van Rompuy, that is the case with Spain, where the Government implemented a set of comprehensive reforms, and Italy, who was publicly praised for the efforts to get out of the crisis by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

-We do not doubt that Greece has a sense of responsibility and hope that the next Greek government will act in accordance with the commitments of the country and its future. Continued reform in the best guarantee for the Greek economy and the future of the Greek nation in the eurozone, concluded Van Rompuy in his speech on the summit of the G8 at Camp David.


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