Macedonian companies interested in cooperation with French companies

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We need greater promotion of the Macedonian economy in France in order to find partners for domestic companies and increase exports, which will reduce the permanent deficit.

Suggestions for improvement of economic cooperation and the exchange were presented at the meeting of local businessmen with the French Ambassador to Macedonia Laurence Auer.

Specific proposals were presented by the company “Mikrosam” which is interested in cooperation with French companies and sale of products in the aviation and space industry, and the confectionery factory “Europe” to produce under private label, which would be linked with the big chain stores in France. The fur shop “Dimko Mitrev” is interested in export, and “Stilkon” asked partners for making steel structures.

According to the President of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia Branko Azeski, Macedonian economy is not promoted in France in a way to be recognized as a targeted market. For this purpose more marketing and promotional activity is needed, Azeski said, noting that the economic cooperation and trade between Macedonia and France is not the level of opportunities.

French Ambassador Laurence Auer announced that the Embassy will assist in connecting companies and organizing meetings. She thinks that there is room for cooperation in several areas, primarily creative industries, and agriculture and livestock.

France will be guest of honor at the event Design Week in Skopje, during which French and Macedonian designers will meet.

Ambassador Auer believes that there are opportunities for cooperation in cinematography and production of wine, and the automotive sector.

The trade between Macedonia and France is with permanent deficit on the Macedonian side. Last year it reached $120,521,368, with exports of $25 million and imports of $94 million. Although there is growth in exports of 20.9 percent in 2013 the deficit is $69.1, or 3 percent of the total deficit of Macedonia abroad.

Foreign direct investment from France to Macedonia in the last ten years amounted to €140 million.

Source: MIA

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