Trajanovski: The City of Skopje has experienced major urbanization in the past 5 years

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Skopje continues to grow and evolve. Streets are becoming modern boulevards, the traffic jams are being cleared, and interesting content is being introduced. Skopje slowly but surely is becoming like the world capitals.

We discussed about the current and future projects with the man who has made Skopje ​​preferred destination for tourists, pride for the citizens and metropolis worthy of respect, the Mayor of the City of Skopje Koce Trajanovski.

In the past five years the City of Skopje and you as mayor have realized many successful projects for Skopje. What projects can be highlighted as the most important?

– City of Skopje in the past 5 years has experienced great urbanization that has become an impression of Skopje not only in Macedonia, but abroad as well. We have solved a number of problems, more than 500 projects have been implemented in the past 5 years. We have worked in all areas ranging from infrastructure, horticultural arrangement, communal hygiene, culture, education, in all areas which are in the competence of the City of Skopje. I would like to emphasize the addressing of the problem with the communal hygiene and traffic jams in Skopje.

Several key boulevards were built, such as Boulevard “Ilinden”, the boulevard “Metropolitan Theodosius Gologanov”, boulevards “Ss. Kliment Ohridski” and “Boris Trajkovski”. We have reconstructed over 22 thousand meters of roads and boulevards in the City of Skopje, such as boulevards “Krste Misirkov”, “Kuzman Josifovski – Pitu”, “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”, “Partizanska”, “Dame Gruev”, “VMRO” all these boulevards are in the downtown area, but were have not forgotten about the streets that are outside of the downtown area, such as the streets “Volkovska”, “Macedonian army” in the municipality Gjorce Petrov, street “Kozle” in Karposh, street “Radishanska” and boulevard “Kemal Sejfula” in Butel, in Gazi Baba we have worked on reconstruction of sewage and the street “Blagoja Dobrev”, boulevard “Serbia” and “Jane Sandanski” have been reconstructed in Aerodrom municipality. All these activities were aimed at improving traffic.

We have made green waves along these boulevards, and recently the City of Skopje is implementing the “Center for management and control of traffic”, where one center will operate with 90 intersections in the city of Skopje.

In the field of communal hygiene in 2009, the city had only 6 to 8 old trucks for 600 thousand inhabitants. We managed to procure about 60 new trucks, new containers for waste collection and included rural areas.

These are the two main areas in which we worked the most in the past and I think we have achieved the best results. I would like to thank the Government for the assistance given to us in rebuilding the JSP (Public Transport Company) vehicles fleet. Citizens of the City of Skopje ride in new, modern and comfortable buses, and thus the number of people who use bus transportation is increased and it contributes to reduction of traffic jam in Skopje, since the people leave their cars and ride on buses.

What are priority projects for 2014?

– Continuation of intensive roads building in Skopje. We are currently working on the extension of the boulevard “Third Macedonian Brigade” in Aerodrom, starting from Boulevard “Serbia”, to the street “Franjo Kluz”, which will be the first part of the reconstruction of this road. Construction of the extension of the boulevard “Theodosius Gologanov” is underway. I hope this year we will start with the expansion of the boulevard “Hristijan Todorovski – Karposh” in Cair municipality and part of Butel municipality.

Construction of an underground thoroughfare under the river Vardar is one of the biggest projects of the City. Is this project implementation ongoing?

– It is one of the most important projects that I think should be implemented in the City of Skopje, if the tender works. Registration of companies has ended, about 7-8 companies applied for the construction of this road, and there is an ongoing process of evaluating them in terms of meeting the requirements of the tender. Once the evaluation is complete, an electronic auction will be made and if it complies with the projected value of the project, then a contract will be signed and the construction of this very important road to Skopje will start.

The city of Skopje is actively involved in the campaign “Macedonia Land of Flowers – Land of Roses”. How will this action be implemented and what does it mean for Skopje and its citizens?

– City of Skopje joined this action with great pleasure. This year the City contributes with about 10 thousand white roses, 7 thousand purchased by the city of Skopje, and the remaining 3 thousands are of USJE Cement Company. The roses will be planted along the boulevards, given that they absorb heavy metals from exhaust gases of vehicles. They will also be planted in parks and green spaces around the boulevards, in the City Park, as well as in the park- forests.

The city of Skopje in recent years invested in raising new park greenery. Are you satisfied with the project for greening the city?

The City in the past 5 years paid careful attention, despite the communal hygiene and traffic, to raising and restoration of green spaces. There was an action on the removal of old and dried trees, foliage with irrigation system with floral arrangements on green areas and planting new avenues along the boulevards.

In the last period we planted more than 50 thousand trees in Skopje, and will continue to do so. We have started the Park Macedonia, the park of 100 trees, we reconstructed the City Park, and made ​​irrigation system, we have also created new content in these parks. Our priority is to maintain the greenery and raising new green spaces. We work on the maintenance of greenery in the park- forest in Gazi Baba and the park- forest Vodno.

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