Branding municipalities through the role of PR

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The training center ZELS in Skopje, yesterday held one-day training for role of PR towards the public in the local governments.

The title of the training was “Branding municipalities in Macedonia and the role of PR people in this process.” Trainer at the workshop was Dr. Igor Andreev, marketing expert.

At the workshop participated representatives of over 30 municipalities in Macedonia.

The training was very positive and in line with the previously said. The participants expressed their readiness to begin the process of branding municipalities in Macedonia as a model of three carrier determined components: focus towards citizens, the tourists and the investors.

As mentioned, in the 21st century, web pages will become the most powerful tools for promoting municipalities.

There were pointed out numerous examples of branding municipalities, in the EU and the neighborhood, and were presented concrete steps for branding municipalities.

Were also highlighted several examples of municipalities in Macedonia that are predominantly oriented towards tourism as a main activity according to geographical and historical component.

Such is the case with Ohrid and Krushevo that use of the space on their websites for tourism promotion, or part of the municipalities that use tools to attract foreign investors.

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