Janakieski: Sales of state land in zones reduces unemployment

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Government measures to sell undeveloped state land at a starting price of 1 euro per square meter, contributes to the reduction of unemployment and the economy, Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski said, visiting the mini industrial zone in the village Zubovce, Gostivar .

Owners received 1541 plots so far, intended for investment in new facilities.

– The measure that we introduced three years ago has made its effects. It provided buildings to be built on over three hundred locations. The aim was to recruit new people and reduce unemployment, said Minister Janakieski.

The government measure of reducing the utilities to 95 percent, according Janakieski, gave additional results in increasing the interest of entrepreneurs to expand and develop their businesses.

“Commercial Complex Zubovce” extends to 15 hectares, on the territory of the municipality Vrapchishte. Currently there is one fully functioning capacity, the meat industry “Karnem”, and three more are expected this year. According to the report, over one hundred people will be employed there.

45 municipalities in Macedonia have the right to alienate state land. A total of 1541 parcels were alienated for investment in new facilities for the last three years. Municipalities alienated 243 for industrial and manufacturing purposes and 74 plots by the ministry.

Source: MIA

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