PHOTO: Ivanov visited Kicevo and Struga

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President Ivanov yesterday visited municipalities Kicevo and Struga and met with residents from the surrounding villages.

Ivanov was welcomed by the 80 year-old Rasim in Plasnica this afternoon. Rasim said that Ivanov is the first Macedonian President to visit Plasnica.

Plasnica Residents are mostly of Turkish ethnicity, they expressed support for the existing activities of the President and his equal commitment to all ethnic communities in Macedonia.

During the visit of Kicevo, Ivanov visited the villagers of Drugovo.

The Macedonian president Ivanov had a meeting with a group of businessmen, he proposed joint association of businessmen in order to rush to the market and improve their competitiveness.

President of the Regional Chamber of Commerce, Igor Sokoleski expressed satisfaction that the Macedonian President is interested in the activities of businessmen.

Kicevo businessmen welcomed the construction of the highway Kicevo – Ohrid and agreed that investments in road infrastructure will contribute to further development of Kicevo region, as it would provide better conditions for business development and investments.

President Ivanov met with the team of PRC that performed preparations for construction of the highway Kicevo – Ohrid, an investment worth € 375 million, whose realization is important not only for the southwestern part of the state, but for the entire territory of Republic of Macedonia.

Besides Kicevo, Ivanov yesterday met with the citizens of Struga, with stops in villages Misleshevo, Vranishta, Labunishta and village Berovec.

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