Celebrating three-year anniversary of the Macedonian Journal “Ilinden” Tirana

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Three years ago, as a double issue for March and April, was the first printed edition of the newspaper of the Macedonian company “Ilinden” Tirana.

In the three-year period, the newspaper has grown in a medium with serious access to publication of topics and is interesting and useful for the Macedonian national minority in Albania, and aroused great interest among the readers of the Macedonian Diaspora worldwide.

– Macedonian newspaper editorial “Ilinden” promotes the Macedonians in the best possible way in these turbulent times. Their mission is to maintain and encourage the Macedonian identity in Albania through cultural expression. We believe that this activity will be supported by the appropriate state institutions in the Republic of Albania and the Republic of Macedonia and the Macedonians worldwide, according to a statement by the President of the Macedonian Association “Ilinden” Tirana, Nikola Gjurgjaj.

On the occasion of the three-year anniversary of Macedonian newspaper “Ilinden” Tirana, the editorial office thanked to all its contributors, who generously helped in conceptualizing the visual and thematic content of the newspaper. Also they thanked the readership because it has shown that the newspaper really touched the heart of the Macedonian problem in Albania.

Source: MIA

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