Greeks still can not forgive the Russian Patriarch’s statement of Macedonia

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A few weeks after Macedonian President Gjorgje Ivanov’s visit to Moscow, where he met with the His Holiness Cyril, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, the Greek media still comment on statements by HH Cyril, MIA reports.

– Friends, friends, but when the Russians find an opportunity, especially in the Skopje issue, do not miss the chance to land a blow, commented “Paron”, recalling the statement of the Moscow Patriarch that “Macedonian territory is spiritual Jerusalem of the Slavs” and that “the Russian Empire always defend the Macedonian people”.

“But what really caused a negative impression is that the Russian Patriarch said that the position of Russia from the beginning of the twentieth century was to avoid separation of Macedonia”, the newspaper added.

“Paron” in this context calls upon the Greek government that “the Patriarchate in Moscow must explained this statement of the patriarch, though he is loved and respected in Athens, this statement does not help the coexistence of the Orthodox in the Balkans, either for the good relations between Greece and Russia”.

Source: MIA

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