Ivanovski: Macedonia on 37th place in the electronic economy

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At today’s second conference on modern marketing in Macedonia, where the latest trends in marketing globally were discussed, Minister of Information Society Ivo Ivanovski said Macedonia is ranked on 37th place on e – economy or e – GDP out of 65 countries, according to “The Boston consulting Group”.

Such rankings, the Minister said, is done for the first time by study based on a new technology e – friction.

– 65 countries were presented at the study and those countries that are most advanced in the group, or where there is no friction and no resistance to the Internet development, e – economy or e – GDP is twice the size of those countries that have a high coefficient of e – friction, the minister Ivanovski pointed out.

According to the analysis of “Boston Consulting Group” Macedonia marks its biggest progress in infrastructure on the 27th place.

Infrastructure is the prime mover of the Internet, this is a great success for us and we will continue to invest in infrastructure, Ivanovski said.

According to “The Boston Consulting Group” as the minister emphasized, by 2016 electronic commerce should reach an amount of USD 4.2 thousand billion billion only in the G20 countries.

I expect our companies to learn from first- hand about the latest trends by today’s Google conference with Goclick and be able to utilize them for the development of gross domestic product, or the e – GDP, Ivanovski underlined.

According SSO last year almost 100 percent of the companies in the country used the internet, but as Ivanovski noted, the number of companies that have websites is smaller, only the largest companies have websites and online commerce.

The modern marketing conference in Macedonia was attended by the president of Chamber of Commerce Sasa Ognenovski, David Gojo, development strategist in Google Adriatic Dublin and Luka Nachbar Cvikl, international project manager at Goclick – Slovenia held lectures and workshops.

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