Greeks angry – NBC called us Macedonia

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“From Brazil to Macedonia: Carnival Ignites Colorful Celebrations” is the photo reportage title of one of the world’s most influential media NBC dedicated to carnivals around the world that took place in this period. Of all the countries in the world NBC included only 12, including our country, and only Macedonia and Brazil are in the title of this reportage.

As Netpress correspondent reports from Athens, the southern neighbor reacted nervously again, traditionally, whenever the name Macedonia and Macedonians is mentioned.

“NBC provokes – called ‘FYROM’ Macedonia” is the title under which the portal Briefing news angrily commented the fact that in NBC reportage writes Macedonians and Macedonia.

Iefimerida writes that although the international community decided that our official name will be the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, one of the, as they say “prestigious television networks in the world NBC” decided to call us simply Macedonia.

Comfort for Greeks is that the text under the photo from Strumica Carnival stated that the city is located in FYR Macedonia, but they objected that the author of the reportage has “here again made ​​a change” and called us Macedonians.

“This day Macedonians marks the Forgiveness day, Orthodox Christian holiday when evil spirits are chased with ritual dances”, says the text of the NBC.

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