Dimovski report the scandalous case that SDSM wanted feigns affair

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Today we are here regarding a glaring and scandalous event that we are witnessing. Today I came at the police station in Center to report a case, said Ilija Dimovski, member of the Executive Committee of VMRO – DPMNE and Director of the Center for Communications.

You know what this is about. Councilor to the Municipality of SDSM Negotino called members and activists of VMRO – DPMNE and presented him-self as Ilija from the Center for Communications, through phone number that he has officially charged by the Municipality Negotino where he is Councilor.

This is an obvious attempt by the SDSM feign and create rumors and scandals that will use in the future to cover the loss or to create alibi story as actually they did before. I would like to stress that we have no personal relationship to the man who did this work; it is the young man, Dime Vitanov Negotino

We would like to send him very human message not to put compromise him-self with such situations. He, himself should report the case and explain why he did this, who forced him to do, whether this was the work of larger scenario as we believe that it is and to find a way to justify him-self and this whole situation.

In any case, the political responsibility for this scandal bears the top management of SDSM the leader Radmila Shekerinska and Zoran Zaev, which allow and probably direct their party members instead creating the program, with realistic offer for efficiency to deal with such scandals, childish games and creating scandals.

Integral text of the Ilija Dimovski’s statement

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