VMRO – DPMNE: Problem with redundant workers was created by SDSM, we try to solve

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SDSM during their time in the country closed 684 factories and enterprises. Left over 200,000 people who were victims of wrongful privatization, according to the VMRO – DPMNE.

Below follows the integral text of the press conference of Antonio Miloshoski, member of the Executive Board of VMRO – DPMNE.

Today’s press conference is dedicated to the misuse of redundant worker by the SDSM and we would like to give few comments in this regard.

SDSM during their time in the country closed 684 factories and enterprises. Left over 200,000 people who were victims of wrongful privatization.

Many of them still carry the pain of redundant workers.

Macedonia, the Parliament, the Government of Republic of Macedonia the past few years with more action and good political will are trying to solve the created problem. We bring proactive measures within the economy and within the financial and social support to find full and dignified solution to the problem of redundant workers that were created during the SDSM time.

The first serious and successful attempt was made ​​in 2008 when Parliament passed the law that covers redundant workers from factories, which were mainly state -owned and went bankrupt before 2004.

This law, which was passed in Parliament, brings concrete and tangible measure. In addition, but very important, the Government in the past few years tried to mitigate these devastating consequences of the problem of redundant workers and were taken several active measures for employment of persons older than 45 years.

When SDSM is in power is noticeable that they create problems. The problem of redundant workers is created at the time of SDSM.

When VMRO- DPMNE came to power, we tried to find solution. Some of these solutions are both Laws from 2008 and the Law that we passed few weeks ago in Parliament.

These legal solutions one can say that they are not perfect, but they are concrete measure, through tangible measures that will be covered to alleviate the problem of large number of redundant workers from the wrong privatization.

When SDSM came to power, we had closing, bankruptcy, and VMRO – DPMNE is part of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, is targeting opening new factories, and attract foreign investors.

That is big difference in the work and sensitivity to the problems created by someone else. VMRO – DPMNE will continue with full political will to solve the problems that were created during the SDSM time.

SDSM with yesterday’s directed protest tried to abuse redundant workers for narrow party goals.

SDSM with prominent people from their leadership, especially members of the community organizations in Strumica, Kumanovo try to politicize the pain of these people who expect and hope from the government to get concrete solutions.

We do not know whether the first intelligence officer from SDSM Mr. Kire Naumov was present at the protest to organize , to coordinate or to give instructions how to protest but what we know is that Kire Naumov is not redundat worker nor Radmila Shekerinska is part of the middle class.

They have other status and that status if they want to express it would be fair when they would stand to protest in the first row.

VMRO – DPMNE has no problems with any of peaceful protests organized democratic and transparent way, but we do not agree and will not let that part of the leadership of SDSM to try to create these particular protests directed at destabilizing the country copying some Bosnian or Ukrainian scenario.

Destabilization of the Republic of Macedonia does not suit to anyone, because no one will benefit from such situations.

What I would like to add is that the logistical organization of the protest was made ​​possible by two well-off firms, which often cooperate with the Municipality of Strumica and Kumanovo. The company Strumica Express, which of Strumica in recent years has received 3 million euro and signed 10 or more tenders.

The second company is Oli Travel Company, which is from Kumanovo and in recent years has received 20 tenders from the Mayor of Kumanovo with amount of about 2 million euro.

Are these legal tenders, or if these companies answered the services we will not get into, but honestly these commercial entities are involved in the daily political manipulation at the expense of the suffering of one category of citizens who are trying to find a solution.

We call on the representatives of SDSM to offer solutions, not to abuse them as redundant workers created a problem. VMRO – DPMNE in 2008 and 2014, twice passed legislation for redundant workers and we expect that many of these people will receive worth income for their life and their life support.

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