There was no chemical poisoning in Gostivar secondary school

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Analyses made ​​on patients from the Gostivar gymnasium which were late Friday evening admitted to the Toxicology Clinic in Skopje, show that there was no chemical poisoning.

The Toxicology Clinic Director Andon Chibishev and the Institute of Forensic Medicine Aleksej Duma today said the clinical examination, clinical laboratory ​​and toxicological investigations showed no indications of the existence of adverse effects of chemical substance.

Chibishev stressed that the patients complained of subjective difficulties as baking eyes, scratching throat, anxiety and fear, and several of them of wheezing.

At the Toxicology Clinic on Friday 16 patients were hospitalized 10 of which students aged 18 years and 6 employees in Gostivar gymnasium most of which aged 63. All patients were adequately supervised and ​​clinical laboratory testing and ophthalmic examination were made, and a substantial for toxicological investigations was taken.

Most of them showed signs of improvement after the treatment, and four of them have insisted to leave the clinic the same night, claiming that they felt good, and at the morning the other four patients felt good and insisted to leave the hospital , so until noon all patients have left the clinic.

Source: MIA

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