Fighting Against Illegal Migration with Contemporary Equipment

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Paul Wohlers, United States Ambassador to Macedonia, handed over a grant worth US$ 68,000 for the Ministry of Interior’s Border Police.

The grant, presented to Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska, is allocated through the Export Control and Related Border Security Assistance (EXBS) program.

Jankuloska stressed the program has provided enormous contribution towards setting high professional standards and enhancement of the Border Police’s operational capacities.

“Only a well-educated, trained and motivated staff, equipped with modern technical equipment, can successfully respond to the challenges that border police members cope with – efficient combat against all forms of illegal migration and cross-border crime”, said Jankuloska.

She stressed Macedonia is fully committed to implementing European standards in the field of border security, which requires political will, institutional preparedness and international partnership.

Ambassador Wohlers said the EXBS program has been active in Macedonia for 8 years, providing support through training and equipment grants. Over US$ 850,000-worth equipment has been donated, along with over 50 trainings for 300 MoI employees.

“This grant will strengthen the border police capacity for supervision and monitoring of illegal migrants, increasing the capabilities for secondary check-up and detection of migration at border crossings. The assistance will significantly improve security of Macedonian borders”, added Wohlers.

Minister Jankuloska said current migration trends show that Macedonia is one of the potential corridors for transit of illegal migrants to EU states. The number of such migrants over the past six months has increased by 50 percent compared to the same period last year, mostly coming from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Palestine, Eritrea, Bangladesh, Algeria etc.

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