Series of reforms and projects for better health care for the citizens of Skopje

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Health Center – Skopje feels the welfare of capital, so far unnoticed, investments in health care implemented by this government.

14 new vehicles for emergency care, partial investment in infrastructural reconstruction, project of the national system “My term”, laboratories and staff education are just some of the projects that are credited for improving conditions in polyclinics in Skopje.

Dr. specialist Tatiana Baevska Vuchkovikj, since January 2012 is director of PHI Health Centre Skopje.

In the interview for Kurir she talks about the challenges faced on a daily basis, the effects of investment series and the entire path that was passed to create system in which patients will have high confidence. The work, she says, is big challenge, but it is challenge for the better.

– First of all, I consider yourself for very organized person as I have 16 -years of experience in the health service and the beginnings form the first stage, consequently with specialization and other trainings, training in relation to the management of public health facilities, and previously as of mid-level manager i.e. manager of the working unit with 3 years experience and consequently in a way the current position and the current management is even more challenging. As I mentioned before since the beginnings in 1998, the experience in several health units, as in this facility we have number of services, so the challenge is simply to look myself at this position. The name of the institution is Health Centre. During weekdays and most of the weekends we spend hours in this second home, it is more challenging and better, primarily for staff as part of the collective, but also for our health service.

The number of investments is huge and positive results from them are even bigger. Every investment carries effects that together establish ​​the Macedonian health care system among the best in the Balkans. Among the most important are the employments. For two years, we have employed 52 people and there is an ongoing competition for additional 20.

Access to raise to a higher level and following the world trend in the field of public health is really priority for the Government of Republic of Macedonia and the competent ministry as the creators of the national strategy for the health system in the country, because public health is one of the cornerstones of healthy and safe state and healthy nation. All of us are involved in this system, because the health system is an integrated health system at three levels, primary, secondary and tertiary health care. I would like to express gratitude for the past two years, as we were part of the big projects that the Government of Republic of Macedonia invests in health care, in terms of public health. I would mention the 2012, the purchase of 69vehicles ambulance, and 14 vehicles that Health Centre received as the largest service and service which covers the largest territory in terms of prevalence of Skopje and the surrounding area. In recent years we have had partial investment in terms of infrastructure reconstruction in parts of the roofs of buildings, floors and replacement windows at the Health Centre Skopje, as we have many buildings throughout city of Skopje – that they are very old as the youngest object was built in 1991, and all others were built in the seventies and eighties. All this contributes to the improvement in terms of conditions. In the course of 2013 we were included in the national system project “My term”, which began as a pilot project in the Health Centre Skopje. It was given trust to the institution, as in terms of secondary specialist services of city of Skopje, at the level of Polyclinics is carriers of this activity and follow the path of patient from the primary, secondary and tertiary with aim to release the flow of patients at the tertiary level. This pilot project started with us and is implemented at all clinics in 11 facilities Health Centre Skopje. I would also mention the investments made ​​by the Government in the course of 2012 i.e. we equipped one laboratory for modern biochemical analytics. I would mention that the training conducted by the Ministry of Health represent really great challenge and a great opportunity for health staff because the door opened towards the developed , modern and sophisticated centers where in the course of 2013 31 health workers visited these centers renowned in the field of doctors as carriers of specialists activity, and covered and middle staff because our job is still team effort that  contributes to the improvement of health system field of public health.

One of the most visited clinics in Skopje, Bucharest,for only 5 months will be completely reconstructed. Health Center – Skopje this 2014 started with a capital investment.

– Government of Republic of Macedonia previously invested in infrastructure improvements of the facilities. It is significant for the polyclinic “Bucharest” because it is connected with a history that we all remember. After the earthquake in 1963, in 1964 the Romanian government donated it and that’s why it’s called “Bucharest”. Absolutely nothing had changed at this facility in the past 50 years in terms of interior. This is a great investment that will contribute a lot, mainly for staff who will get better and more pleasant working atmosphere and better stay on our health service. The dynamics is provided within five months because the building has three levels, month, and half for each of the levels. We have excellent cooperation with colleagues, staff, however, support from patients as it is for common good, and the pleasure is all.

Additionally, since 2012 to date, all offices and waiting rooms were air-conditioned, so that patients got better conditions while they are waiting to receive health services. In 2013 was introduced great motivation for health workers. 15 doctors receive annual award from Health Home Skopje, and this positive experience is planned to be extended to be applied to the middle level staff.

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