The sarcophagus of Goce Delchev will be opened?

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Almost everything is known for the eternal resting place of Goce Delchev in the yard of the church “St. Spas”, except perhaps the most important – who is the author of the monument!?

Almost seven decades after the placing of Goce Delchev’s bones in the white stone sarcophagus, after their return from Bulgaria in 1946, the enigma is- who is actually the artist who has designed and made ​​this landmark deeply embedded in the collective memory of all Macedonian people. Years were spent trying to find out the authorship, but in vain, Dnevnik writes.

In search of the author’s name, it is not excluded after seven decades to open the stone sarcophagus of Delchev. The idea is to see if the author’s signature is inside.

At the same time, Dnevnik writes, this opening could also be used for using the latest technological advancements that can give an answer to another mystery – whether all the bones of Delchev are in the sarcophagus of or several are missing. By examining the bones of Delchev, reconstruction of the murder will be possible.

But the relevant institutions need to be consulted about this idea.


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