Marking the 142 anniversary of Goce Delchev’s birth

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Memorial service to be held today to mark 142 years since the birth of Goce Delchev at the church “St. Spas” in Skopje, the eternal home of the revolutionary ideologue.

As announced by the International event “Goce days”, the commemoration will be held by priests of the Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archbishopric, the urban mixed choir “Vardar” will perform and delegations of state and local institutions, municipalities and associations citizens will lay flowers in front of Goce’s sarcophagus.

Flowers will be placed in front of the monuments of Goce Delchev in the “Macedonia” square and in the City Park.

Goce Delchev, visionary who over a century ago understood the world as a field for cultural competition among nations, was born on this day in 1872 in Kilkis, by the family of Sultana and Nikola.

He was educated at the High School of Thessaloniki and the Military Academy in Sofia. He taught in Stip, and as a member of the Central Committee of TMORO was working on creating a network of bases, committees and committee groups of the Organization. He participated in the Thessaloniki Congress of VMRO (1896), and was representative of VMRO in Sofia by 1901. Delchev was killed by the Turkish army on May 4, 1903 in the village of Banica.

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