MEP Vajgl: Greece not to Close Macedonia’s Door

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Ivo Vajgl,  Slovenian MEP,  has said that Greece should be told not to close the door of an EU candidate country, in this case, Macedonia.

“At the end of the day, Greece needs to be told, and I have done this on several occasions, that at the moment the country is Europe’s problem and that it is not the one being able to close the door of new EU aspirants. The Greeks have gotten their concessions and bonuses in the past and some of them were not deserved. A bonus is always awarded to those that are already inside, which is very simple,” Vajgl told Deutsche Welle.

“Still, I believe it is not possible negotiations with Macedonia to be launched without previously solving the name dispute,” the MEP said. Moreover, he endorsed the move advocated by Macedonia – the name row with Greece to be settled in the manner applied by Slovenia and Croatia.

Ivo Vajgl has showed a more direct stance involving Macedonia’s omission from Cyprus’ program on its six-month EU presidency.

“You can only guess the reasons why Macedonia is not a priority during the Cypriot presidency. There is a connection to Greece’s positions, which is evident and we shouldn’t fool ourselves. The European Commission – and the European Parliament beforehand – has voiced its interest Macedonia to make a headway from the deadlock. The start of the high-level dialogue should be seen as an expression of good will and readiness to open the road for Macedonia. However, Macedonia also needs to demonstrate readiness that some issues from the past and the symbols should not be placed in the foreground, Vagjl stressed.

German MEP and Macedonia’s friend, Bernd Posselt said that efforts were being made in the European Parliament a recommendation of the EU-Macedonia Mixed Parliamentary Committee, urging a date for negotiations with Macedonia to be set during the Cypriot presidency, to be put into effect.

“I fully agree with this resolution and efforts are made for EU entry talks to start by year’s end or in early 2013,” Posselt stated.

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