Interview: The Macedonian who created a system to control our home by application

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Darko Stanoevski is young Macedonian whose life story carries an important message. First he gave his best to acquire higher education at a renowned university in Switzerland. Then he gained work experience in the same country, but also in Germany and Italy. After all this, he came home with a strong idea – to use his knowledge and experience in creating his own business in Macedonia.

He did something which we thought it was not even possible. Believe it or not, he developed a system with application through which we will be able to turn on the light, the water heater, the air conditioner etc. at our home and office.

In an interview with Kurir, we made a retrospective of his first step after he left Macedonia and the big decision to return home.

If you read about his work experience, you will get the impression that it is about a person who has work experience the same as his age. And yet committed to make a step plus, with many plans ahead.

What experience did you bring to Macedonia from the high developed countries, where you completed your education and started your career?

– My family left to Switzerland in 1995 when I was 11 years old, there I continued my secondary and academic education. I graduated at the University of Lucerne and Mastered on the University of Lugano in Economics – Marketing Management. I have worked in BOSCH in Germany, where I was on practice, I was on a consulting project in Italy for the company KNAUF and after completing the master studies I worked in the Swiss bank Credit Suisse in Zurich. All these working experiences in international and global corporations were huge experience for me on how to work professionally, accurately and responsibly – responsiveness to important clients with high turnover of funds, accountability to senior management and superiors in companies. Furthermore, I learned to think, plan and work with long-term focus and goals by continuously analyzing the current situation and circumstances. Such analysis is important basis to carry on strategic and operational decisions that lead to the plan. The long-term focus requires dedication, effort and huge self-motivation for successful implementation. It is the only way to achieve long-lasting and healthy development in business. The customer relation is very important, they should be respected and attention should be paid to their comments. Customers are like a mirror of the company, in which it can see itself, evaluate its performance and learn from mistakes thus continuously improve. Also the attitude towards partners and employees is important. You have to communicate openly, to have mutual respect, ethics and behavior and always fulfill the promise or agreement. I also learned that it is important each project to be organized and planed in advance in order to achieve a high level of professionalism in work and commercial success. One of my most important experiences is the importance of self-initiative. It is not always necessary to have someone next to you, who will tell you what to do, and to control your output. The self-initiative is a very important characteristic for success in work and business. I practice daily these practices and principles in my work here in Macedonia.

From an idea to a big project and discovery. How was the process of meeting the challenge to open your own business in Macedonia?

– With my two partners Nikola and Zoran, we have developed an innovative technology for the so called Smart House system, which allows management of all electrical devices in a household of mobile application. We have developed the necessary hardware and software, the product is entirely ours and it is a complete innovation, which is a novelty worldwide and current trend in technological development. It began as an idea of management of a door via mobile phone, which we had during one of my stay in Macedonia two years ago. This idea became a hobby and experimentation, and after a while we recognized the potential of the idea of ​​fully managing the home through mobile application. Based on several analyzes and longer consultations, I decided to fully commit to the implementation of this project and get back to Macedonia. Now I am more than a year active here and along with Nikola and Zoran and we are working on finalizing our Smart House solution before starting a commercial activity.

In a world of technological breakthroughs, you worked on something that people did not assume it could happen. What can be done in our home or office with just a click on the mobile phone, after installing the application?

The concept of our Smart House solution is based on a simple plug’n’play method, which does not need any reconstruction of an existing installation in the home or any additional electronically equipment and cables. Our Smart House products can be installed very quickly and easily, the configuration is also very easy. The handling is very enjoyable for the end user, we want to maximally satisfy the client with the comfort and advantages of such a system. Besides functionality, our products have modern design, such as light switches, which operate through a touch and are made of glass, wood or marble with different unique emblems that are discreetly lit with LED.

With the click of a mobile phone, our system allows:

– Turning on/off the lights, heater, air conditioning, TV and any other electrical device

– Opening of electric door or garage

– Automation of sprinklers and lighting in backyard

– Creating various lighting environments in the home and their automation

– Control and automation of entire home or office via smart phone

Two years of hard work. From this distance, what gave you motivation and persistence and can you say now that the entire effort paid off?

– Following the trend of innovative smart technology, the development of mobile phones and the way of life of modern people, we knew that there is demand for our technology. Various analyses and studies helped to confirm this to ourselves and to start developing a plan for our own start-up business. An individual development plan with specific goals and defined rates, was the key to maintain motivation and morale. The realization of the goals in the process gave us motivation to continue to work and was an indicator that we are on the right track. The positive reactions for our product of some large European corporations in the electronics industry in several presentations, gave us extra motivation. Persistence is also a feature of our team. We had the idea for a own company in a while, especially when I still studied and worked in Switzerland.

Of course, the final goal is commercialization. How much will this system cost?

The last testings of the system are underway and the organization of the necessary infrastructure. Next steps are establishing a company and related administrative measures before we begin with active promotion. Our first goal is a successful local distribution in Macedonia, the next step is to conclude partnerships for ranking in the neighboring countries. Long term vision is our participation in global markets, greater engagement in projects for automation of new construction and operation of industrial solutions. The cost of our Smart House system depends on the size of the facility where it will be installed, but I can say that we have very competitive prices and appropriate for our market and beyond.

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