Satisfied with the investment – “Johnson Controls” opens a second plant in Macedonia

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The new investment by the world brand “Johnson Controls” in Macedonia in upholstery factory producing automotive seat covers is the first industrial facility in the Technological Industrial Development Zone in Stip.

The new facility was launched today in the presence of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, Peter Heift General Manager of TRIM Group “Johnson Controls”, U.S. Ambassador to Macedonia Paul Wohlers and the Directorate for Technological Industrial Development Zones CEO Viktor Mizo.

– The benefit of this plant is large and multiple. The investment is estimated at around EUR 20 million and is projected to employ about 1,400 people. So far over 900 people from Stip, Probishtip, Kocani, Veles, Sveti Nikole and other surrounding cities already work in the new factory. Johnson Controls has brought much freshness in economic life in Stip. It is simply a new wind in the economy which acts positively in every aspect, Gruevski said.

He noted that foreign direct investment is of great importance for the development of the state.

The past few years have been tough, Gruevski noted, not only for us as a country, but also for the global economy. In this context, according to him, the implementation of the Government’s efforts for economic growth would not have been realistic if there were no foreign investment and the entry of fresh capital into the country.

– The efforts and our results have been observed and noted by all international institutions worldwide, agencies, newspapers and foundations that follow the economies and economic performance of countries in the world. Recently the Heritage Foundation and the New York newspaper Wall Street Journal ranked our state at 43rd place by the index of economic freedom. As it was noted, Macedonia is a leader and an example for many other countries in Europe. According to this report, the Republic of Macedonia is the twentieth most economically free country in Europe, ahead of many countries in the Balkans and more EU countries such as Cyprus, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania, Gruevski said.

– The interest on investment is increased. We are in final negotiations with several companies for realization of investments. In this sense, I believe Johnson Controls will very soon have new neighbors in the TIRZ in Stip, and many of our citizens will have an opportunity to work in highly professional and well established companies, Gruevski said.f

General Manager at Trim Group of Johnson Controls Peter Heift noted at the opening of a new factory for the production of upholstery and automotive seat covers that Johnson Controls is a global multi industry company that is proven in the automotive industry, construction and batteries industry.

– We are delighted to officially open our new facility in Stip. We want to become a member of the local community. This plant is an important part of our European manufacturing network that provides high quality products for our customers, the automakers, Heift said.

He said automobile seat covers for the European market and Russia are produced the new plant in TIRZ zone in Stip. The factory covers an area of ​​12,500 square meters and it opened about 1,000 jobs.

The TIRZ CEO Viktor Mizo stated that today, after four years of its first investment, the world renowned company Johnson Controls has opened its second factory in TIRZ zone in Stip.

According to him, the entry of foreign capital directly affects the improvement of the economic situation in the country, and the location of the company in Stip region directly affects and contributes to improving the lives of not only the citizens of Stip, but also citizens of the surrounding towns.

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