Takrar: We plan to employ more people in Johnson Matthey

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Terms and conditions offered in Macedonia are good, we resolve the emerging problems together with the Macedonian government, said in an interview with Ekonomski, CEO of Johnson Matthey in Macedonia, Dzatin Takrar. He announced additional 150 new jobs.

Ekonomski: You opened a second plant last year in the industrial zone Bunardzik, are you satisfied with this new investment?

Takrar: We decided to expand our production in Macedonia in 2012 on the basis of our previous success and everyone is satisfied with the achievements of our first investment in the Group at Johnson Matthey. We needed additional capacity in Europe.

Ekonomski: What was the outcome of 2013?

Takrar: We have somewhere around EUR 6 million turnover. It was a little more than we planned. If you create something more than planned in the current business environment, it is good news.

Ekonomski: How many people are employed at Johnson Matthey and do you plan to employ more people in the future?

Takrar : We have 500 employed people in the moment, but we plan to employ up to 650 people. It will happen in the next two years. We have already engaged two additional lines, hired auto engineers, chemical engineers and chemists, people who need additional training in specific job here at Johnson Matthey.

Ekonomski: Is Johnson Matthey content of the business conditions offered here in this country?

Takrar: We are satisfied with the conditions overall, because if you look at our achievements, customer’s orderings, satisfaction of the clients and employees, and the commitment, the results are excellent. It is a successful story for us. I think it is so with any other investment in Macedonia. There are problems in terms of procedures and requirements from time to time, but there is a dialogue with the government where investors are in constant contact with the government in order to improve the performance. The improvements are not only good for the foreign investors, but for the business climate in the country, which is very important.

When people in the Group talk about Johnson Matthey they all know where Macedonia is and the good job that is done.

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