Teknohoze opens new factory in Bunardzik

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Italian company WITEC part of the Teknohoze group, which last year opened a factory in the Ekonomski zone Bunardgik, this year will build a new factory, four times bigger than the first one, and will employ 150 people, said the production manager at the plant, Jovan Popovic for Ekonomski.

Ekonomski: Last year you opened a company in Bunardzik, you selected Macedonia, why?

Popovik: First of all because of the good investment conditions in the zones in Macedonia and the quality workforce. Everything planned is being accomplished and this is our first investment outside of Italy.

Ekonomski: How big is the production?

Popovik: The production is 15 000 meters hose daily, an average of EUR 400.000 to 500.000 per month, we have 32 employees, with the expansion plan there will be an increase in production and the number of employees.

Ekonomski: Is the total production exported?

Popovik: 100 % is being exported all across Europe. One part goes to Russia and Dubai and we are now looking for new markets.

Ekonomski: What was the outcome of 2013 with only three months of operation?

Popovik: An average of EUR 400- 500 thousand invoiced value from existing customers. But the production is continuously increasing, and when the capacity with all machines will be filled, we will have to expend.

Ekonomski: You mentioned favorable conditions for investment, was it crucial?

Popovik: Yes, first of all the conditions, the financial, energy, the benefits from the state, quality workforce are the reasons why we came up with the idea to expand our production here.

Ekonomski: New capacity in Bunardzik was announced for this year.

Popovik: Yes, construction is underway. Around October the new plant should be started, four times bigger than this capacity. We plan to hire 150 people.

Ekonomski: Does that mean there will be new products or increasing in production?

Popovik: It will mean an increase in the production because the capacity is limited, so we plan to expand the current product.

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