6000 babies, four triples and 129 pairs of twins were born in the Skopje Gynecology

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About 20,000 babies were born this year in Macedonia. The first cry of the 6000 was heard at the University clinic for Obstetrics and gynecology, Skopje.

Four triples, 129 pairs of twins, and 57 in vitro fertilizations are among them.

New building, completely equipped by modern standards and professional stuff. Skopje Gynecology clinic is probably the only clinic where people are smiling when they come out.


It is difficult to manage, but also a pleasure and a challenge, said the Director Marija Hadzi – Lega in an interview with “Kurir”, who is managing the clinic for a year and a half.

To be the head of such an institution is not an easy job. Every day is full of challenges, many problems, however we managed to find solutions to the problems. The University clinic for Obstetrics and gynecology, Skopje, is modern, top public health medical institution currently in the country, for which I can proudly say that steps alongside with modern European clinics for gynecology and obstetrics.


More than 80 doctors and nearly 350 other medical staff are working day and night to make many mothers happy and help many women. Together with the 6000 births, nearly 3000 operational treatment of various gynecological diseases were performed at the Clinic in 2013.

– I can say that the University clinic for Obstetrics and gynecology, Skopje can provide complete gynecological treatment in any field of gynecology and obstetrics, especially births. I can say that we will finish this year with a record of 6,000 births, which is a significant increase compared with the previous years. Certainly this increase is due to the clinic’s improved conditions. I will mention the possibility of taking care of pathological pregnancy, the possibility for early screening of fetal anomalies, a treatment of patients and couples facing infertility, which means a complete treatment of patients with infertility. I would also mention the modern in-vitro fertilization laboratory with modern equipment, made within the large government procurements. After several years of break, we started to perform the biological assisted fertilization and we have several successful pregnancies.

The well educated team has successfully handled all matters. Modern equipment is their tool to help many women. Patients with tumors are also receiving treatment in this facility.

– There is a possibility for a treatment of patients with urogenital tract tumors, including ovarian and uterus tumors etc. We have a well trained team that successfully handles all matters in this field. We also have a lab where prenatal diagnostic tests are made, such as chorionic amniocentesis and biopsies, which are invasive prenatal diagnostic procedures, which are done in our cytogenetic laboratory- unique of its kind in the country among the public health medical institutions. We should mention the laboratory for human papillomavirus typing, launched this year, which is equipped with modern equipment under the project of the Government to equip public health institutions. Perhaps the public is already familiar with the introduction of preimplantation diagnostics. It is an opportunity for patients undergoing an assisted biological fertilization when the fertilized ovum is being tested before returning to the womb to see if there are some chromosome disorders, in order to choose only healthy fertilized ovum.


The big government campaign for families with many children reflects at the University Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics. But there is another campaign, ads against abortion that stirred up the Macedonian public. Hadzi – Lega says there is no mother who does not replace her tears with a smile when she takes her baby in her hands. First as a woman, and then as a doctor and director, she stands in defense of the campaign against abortion.

– Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics fits into the government’s campaign against abortion and families with many children. There is nothing more beautiful than the first cry of a baby. It represents a great happiness and tears of joy for the mothers, a satisfaction for the nursing staff participating in the process of childbirth. I would like to tell the future parents that there is nothing more beautiful than a newborn. They should think twice before they decide to terminate the pregnancy. Abortion is an intervention that carries certain complications. The clinic has a team that advises patients who have decided to terminate the pregnancy, they point out the possible risks during the abortion, so a large number of patients change their minds and they decide to deliver the baby to this world.

Statistics on births in the country is alarming. The news of the increased number of births is happy news. But we should know that 50,000 babies were born annually in Macedonia in the fifties, when the total population was about 1.2 million.

Hadzi – Lega says that the entire staff of the Gynecology clinic is in a constant race with knowledge. The knowledge is constantly updated through professional courses, seminars and visits in medical centers worldwide. Our generations and the health of the woman are in safe hands.

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