UMD urges the European Council to set date for negotiations with Macedonia

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United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) has called on the European Council to set a date for negotiations at the Summit that will be held on Thursday (19 December) in Brussels.

According to a statement sent by UMD, Macedonia is a candidate for membership since 2005 and met all the conditions for negotiations to start. The Macedonian Diaspora states “Taking into account the difficulties Macedonia faced in the last two decades, the state managed to boost the economy, democracy, and legal system”.

– UMD urges the European Council to set date for starting negotiations early in January 2014. Greece will assume the presidency of the European Union next month, ten years after they led the Thessaloniki Agenda aimed at integrating the Western Balkans into the EU by 2014. If Greece allowed to set date for the negotiations, this country will play a significant role in regional stability – is stated by the UMD.

Although the European Commission has announced that Macedonia should improve the field of media freedom, the rule of law and public administration, the Macedonian Diaspora, say that the state needs date for negotiations to get the strength to carry out the necessary reforms.

– UMD also highlights that there is need for greater cooperation with neighboring countries in order to improve neighborly relations. However, such cooperation is based on reciprocity, mutual respect, and understanding. Specifically, reciprocity is required in the field of protection and recognition of national and linguistic minorities at the Macedonia neighboring countries. Such recognition will significantly improve neighborly relations in the region – is said at the end of the UMD announcement.

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