Gruevski: We have presented the true picture of Macedonia, it is up the Council to authorize the start of negotiations

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Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia, Nikola Gruevski, within the diplomatic offensive and proactive actions in the wake of the European Council summit, today in Brussels met with the Head of the Council, Herman Van Rompuy, whom has presented the Government’s efforts in relation to reform agenda associated with the European Union.

As MIA reports from Brussels, the information from the meeting show that Van Rompuy showed interest for the efforts and steps made ​​by Macedonia in terms of European integration, stressing that the opening of negotiations requires consent of all member states. This means that the EU remains committed to overcoming the imposed name dispute with Greece for Macedonia to receive the deserved that in that last five years has been recommended by the European Commission.

In the statement for MIA, the Prime Minister said that he met the informal head of the Union with the focus of the Macedonian government, the active efforts to reform and economic progress in order to improve the standard of citizens in our country.

– The meeting with President of the European Council was arranged 10-15 days ago and was on our request. We wanted to present our arguments in terms of our progress we expect in the future. We talked about reforms in the country, what has been achieved, the problems we faced in the past, and how they have been solved. We also discussed the problems that we have now. In large part, I focused on the numerous reforms we have made, in terms of economy and the judicial system and the administration, especially the latest law that we have in this part, Gruevski said.

According to the Macedonian Prime Minister, he explained all the important issues related to Macedonia in order to portray Van Rompuy what actually is happening in the country.

– I asked further commitment in terms of our expectations for the future and hope for finding faster way to overcome the only obstacle we have for the next step forward that is the start of negotiations for full EU membership, added Gruevski.

The Prime Minister said that he and the Head of the European Council exchanged views on all-important facts about Macedonia.

– I think Mr. Van Rompuy directly from us got the real idea of what is happening inMacedoniathat every politician gets variety of information coming from different sides. We considered that it was good to hear our side, to present our arguments, we did that as part of the reforms, but also in all other areas that are important and for which he has expressed interest, added Gruevski.

Van Rompuy ‘s spokesman, Dirk De Bakker in conversation with MIA correspondent from Brussels before the meeting, explained that the Head of the Council will not give any statement for the meeting nor the EC will issue statement for the details.

After this meeting at the Council, the Prime Minister left for a working lunch with Ambassadors of EU member states to whom is expected to explain the steps that the Government is taking in order to join the Union and to send a message that Macedonia is completely ready to start the accession negotiations – more than any other candidate and that this process is major strategic goal for the Government.

This afternoon, the Prime Minister will visit the Belgian University Hospital in Leuven in order to consider the possibilities for closer cooperation and education of Macedonian medical personal with the top management of the university center.

In the evening, during his one-day working visit to Brussels, the Prime Minister is expected to address the European office of the German Foundation “Konrad Adenauer” and to present the reform process in Macedonia, with a focus on economic performance that are made in this area.

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