Investments for clean energy

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Projects for investment in clean energy and industrial management are beginning to realize from today by the office of USAID in Macedonia.

At the promotion of projects is announced the presence of Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Vladimir Peshevski, Minister for Economy Valon Sarachini and U.S. Ambassador in Skopje Paul Wohlers.

USAID project Investment in clean energy provides technical assistance. Several activities will be conducted to simplify the process for development projects and investments in renewable energy. The aim is to improve the business environment in the area of renewable energy sources and establish processes and procedures for low-emission development strategies.

The activities will focus on supporting the Macedonian government for improving the legal framework for planning, initiating and implementing processes and procedures for reducing the emission of greenhouse gases in order to promote economic development, improve environmental management and to achieve development purposes.

The goal of the USAID project for industrial management is increasing the competitiveness of the industry by reducing energy costs, which are part of the cost of production. The ultimate goal is to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

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