Transparency International: Macedonia has reduced corruption

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Macedonia is ranked 67 place according to the index of perception of corruption in 2013, an improvement of two places in terms of ranking the previous year.

According to the today’s report published by Transparency International (TI) in 2013, the countries in the region before Macedonia are: Croatia is 57th, Turkey is 53rd, and Slovenia is 43rd. Macedonia is at 67th place together with Montenegro. BiH and Serbia share the 72nd position, Bulgaria 77th, Greece 80th, Kosovo 111th and Albania is on 116th place.

Out of 177 countries, Denmark, New Zealand and Finland are the countries with the least corruption, and Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia are the countries with the most corruption.

The report concluded that no country in the world has a perfect score in the fight against corruption. Two- thirds have less than 50 points out of 100 when measuring corruption.

Transparency International concluded that corruption remains a serious problem in the world. It appeals to global measures be taken against it and phenomena such as money laundering, illegal political funding and opaque operations of state institutions.

The index of perception of corruption is measured on a scale from 0 to 100, and most points get countries where corruption is least prevalent, while 0 get the most corrupted ones.


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