Gruevski: Macedonia offers equal treatment to all investors

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– The Government provides equal opportunities and services for any company that wants to invest in Macedonia and to create jobs, regardless of the state, underlined Gruevski, responding to parliamentary questions on today’s Parliament session.

As an answer to the MP Oliver Spasovski question, noted that the Sahara Group is one of the companies that have shown interest in investing in Macedonia and received the same treatment as all the other companies denying Spasovski’s claims that the land was given to Sahara Group for MKD zero. Gruevski said that the agreement signed with Sahara Group is published on the internet and there is a bank guarantee for the sale of the land.

– We are doing everything in our power to attract investors, both from Macedonia and abroad, with the aim of opening new jobs, behave appropriately and correctly to each investor and do everything in our power to keep them, the Prime Minister Gruevski emphasized.

He noted that investors are satisfied with doing business in Macedonia and they build a second factory. Such is the case with the automotive giant Johnson Matthey, pointing out that the reason for reinvesting are the fulfilled promises by the state institutions and the government.

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