Konevski: We have implemented what we promised and we will continue with accelerated pace

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After obtaining the trust of the citizens from the very beginning we have started implementing everything we promised during the campaign, said Mayor of Aerodrom Ivica Konevski.

Below follows the integral text of the press conference of Ivica Konevski, the mayor of the municipality Aerodrom.

In the past six months, we have started to deliver 65 or 71 percent out of 108-promised project, following to the election program for four years. These projects will be fully ready by end of 2014.

Among the most important projects we have started and some we have realized, in the past six months are:

Commenced full construction of new infrastructure in places where are built new settlements .

Construction of sports hall in Goce Delchev Primary school in the rural part of the municipality Aerodrom.

Construction of new sidewalks with a length of nine kilometers and complete lighting.

Full reconstruction of all sports facilities in primary schools in the municipality Aerodrom.

Full reconstruction and widening of the road from Gorno to Dolno Lisiche.

Construction of parking lots at the quay of Vardar.

Construction of a new modern park in Gorno Lisiche and complete reconstruction of the street Toshe Proeski.

As one of the most important projects, that I would like to stress is the commencement of construction of the sports center at Jane Sandanski in Aerodrom.

Additionally we realize many other projects that were promised in the program and in the meantime, we found that are very important for the residents of the Municipality Aerodrom.

Next year will continue with accelerated pace and we will work with the same intensity in the area of ​​program implementation and in terms of implementation of those projects that are necessary for the citizens, in order to make the municipality Aerodrom to be a wonderful place to live.

With the implementation of these projects, we will increase the quality of life in the municipality Aerodrom and justify the confidence citizens have in our work.

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