EU: Protests Should Stop, the Authorities Must Complete the Investigation in Peace

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Peter Stano, spokesman for EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule, called for the protests in Macedonia to stop and leave the Macedonian authorities to solve the five-fold murder in Smiljkovci, reports Reuters correspondent in Brussels.

At today’s press briefing at the EC, the question „what is the comment of the Commission regarding the frequent protests in Macedonia for the support of the suspected radical Islamists“, Stano replied: „The protests are held because of the extensive investigation conducted by the Macedonian authorities after the murder of the five young fishermen. EC has a clear position about these protests and it is our request that they stop and let the Macedonian authorities complete the investigation and the persons who committed this heinous murder to respond according to the laws of the country“, noted spokesman Stano.

Stano was further questioned about the protests in Bulgaria to mark the anniversary of the death of Goce Delcev. A Bulgarian journalist asked him if the EC knows about the case when the Bulgarian Ambassador was not allowed to lay flowers on the grave of „the hero of the common history“ of Macedonia and Bulgaria in Skopje by the „violent crowd“. Stano urged the Macedonian authorities to find a solution to the case, and both countries to resolve their own historical disputes.



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