Studdert: Macedonia belongs to the EU, reforms implemented are benefits and open opportunities for investment

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Ambassador of Australia to the country and the region leaves with a positive impression of Macedonia, the Macedonian people and with good memories.

On the subject of foreign policy, she enjoyed working with the Macedonian authorities. The relationship between the two countries is on a high level.

Helena Studdert officially ended her service and gave the last interview to “Kurir”.

I really enjoyed my stay. I lived in Belgrade and traveled often to Macedonia. I enjoyed working with the Macedonian authorities. Bilateral relations are really positive, we have built a great relationship. There are about 94,000 people of Macedonian origin in Australia. We have a really good cultural connection and the number of students in the last 3.5 years that I have been here increased, I hope that that it will continue in the future. We worked hard and have dedicated to investing. There is a lot of interest, but still much to be done. Overall, I am very pleased with our achievements, she says.


Macedonia and Australia were and remain friendly countries who support each other and cooperate in many fields. The Macedonian Diaspora in Australia is important to the Ambassador, and she will continue her efforts to strengthen the relations between the two countries.

– As I mentioned, we have a great mutual support at international level. We share the same values. We have worked on the field of human rights, as well as on security forces in Afghanistan, which is really significant contribution by the countries. We provided troops and continued to assist through NATO, in cooperation with NATO. Australia has always supported smaller countries at the Security Council of the EU, and will continue to do so. As I said, the number of students grew. Macedonian Diaspora in Australia is huge and I think that number should grow further more. I met the President Ivanov and discussed that the young people are our future, so that’s reason enough to deepen our cooperation. We have excellent support in these areas, and want to continue to improve the bilateral relations, the Ambassador said for “Kurir”.


She gave a Diplomatic answer to the question on European integration of Macedonia and the name dispute which Greece imposed to our way to the European Union. She believes that the country’s place is in the Union and she encourages the two countries to resolve the dispute.

– The official position of Australia is that we explicitly support all countries of former Yugoslavia to join the EU. This will bring long-term peace and stability in the region and great economic growth and prosperity. Reforms implemented over the past decade not only lead to EU membership, but benefit all countries and Australia as well. The reforms also improve the business climate and make opportunities for investment and trade. There are reforms in the judiciary, law and other areas, which is in favor of the country. These things are good for each country. I encourage both countries to continue to work to find a mutually acceptable solution on the name dispute, analyzes Studdert in the interview with “Kurir”.


Helena Studdert returns home to Australia. She regrets leaving Macedonia, but rejoices the summer that awaits in Canberra.

– I return back to Canberra, Australia. The season there is summer and I look forward to it. It would be nice to visit my relatives. I will be working for several years in the Ministry and I hope I’ll have engagement abroad again. Personally I very much enjoyed my stay here and I’m sorry that I have to leave. To return to the conversation with the President, we talked that the Balkans is unique and special place, rich in history and culture, stressed Studdert for “Kurir”.


Warm and friendly people, food with a mixture of flavors. Delighted of Skopje, enchanted of Ohrid, the Ambassador does not spare positive words for the Republic of Macedonia.

– I must point out that I have a lot of impressions. I expected warm and friendly people and definitely found it. I enjoyed the food, the mix of flavors. In Skopje, both sides of the Stone Bridge have really different cuisine, and it is wonderful. I traveled to Ohrid and one of my favorite memories is stocking the lake to increase the number of fish. It was a region project and I have wonderful memories of the trip and the town. I was lucky to be ambassador to Serbia, Romania, Montenegro and Macedonia at the same time and I traveled a lot. My husband and I used this as a chance to travel around Europe. I really enjoyed it a lot, she concludes for the interview for “Kurir”.

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