Strongest punitive policies for pedophiles, Macedonia first in the Balkans

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The youngest minister in the Macedonian government, Dime Spasov six months heads the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

In this relatively short period, he showed strong determination to guide battle with anyone who will harm child. Uncompromised set the position in the battle and for toughest sexual criminals jerked the hoop.

He managed to get toughest punishments for pedophiles, to receive longer sentences and be chemically castrated.

Macedonia is the first in the Balkans that showed determination and willingness to do this.

In a weekend interview with the Kurir, the Minister talks about these changes, but also about series of measures taken with aim carefree childhood for children from all categories in Macedonia.

– Before Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs came up with these proposals, we had extensive and detailed analysis upon which we analyzed our existing system and penal policy that is lead in our country in order to punish the perpetrators of these criminal works, pedophilia towards minors under 14 years. We found that the average sentence that is imposed is approximately 6 to 6.5 years. The minimum penalty is 4.5 years imprisonment. Because of that, but also because of the fact that many European countries and the U.S. have already introduced the chemical castration. It is about modern methods through which are punished the perpetrators of these crimes. Several medical measures are undertaken to reduce sex drive and libido of the offenders and convicted for sexual assault on a child, said Minister for Kurir.

Because of this, MLSP presented to the Government concrete proposals to stiffen the penalties in our country and for introducing chemical castration.

At the basic form of pedophilia, sentence instead of 8 years to be increasing at least 12 years. At the qualification form, for sexual intercourse or other sexual act over child under 14 years, serious body injury, death or other serious consequence, imprisonment was at least 10 years or life imprisonment, and now it is provided a minimum sentence of 15 years to life imprisonment.

The law pointed with finger to the pedophiles which public calls them “monsters.” With this step, Macedonian government once again proved that child care is top priority.

– Through these measures, first, we want to ensure as effortless childhood for children but also to act preventively to potential perpetrators of such crimes that from now on, really the sentences will be much higher, penal policy is stricter, and chemical castration is introduced, says Spasov.

If convicted agrees to chemical castration the sentence will be reduced. If pedophile repeat the offense, the chemical castration is mandatory.

The act will be considered obsolete when the child victim turns 18 years.

In addition, when Macedonia first in the Balkans showed readiness for this big step, appears that the country “will pull leg” for tougher sentences for pedophiles in the entire region.

This country can also be an example for government policies aimed at child care. Orphans are left to themselves, but they can live carelessly with government assistance.

State – really shows great care for these children, showing real and immediate care. Major projects are realized aimed at providing further carefree life of these children without parental care i.e. after they turn 18 and leave home, not to feel lonely, abandoned, and forgotten by the state and government. We implement concrete measures to help these children. This year we started to realize the project D10 i.e. employment status for children without parental care until age 18 and through the program this year we will employ 83 people. 33 are already employed and in the final stage is the employment of another 50. In this way, we solve the key issue in their lives, the issue of finding work and a way of existence for these people. They will be employed in administration and will regularly receive their salaries, said the Minister for Kurir.

Spasov touched other important projects in this direction. When they leave the home, the children will receive 183,000 MKD. We provide financial assistance for children that will help them in their studies. Students in this category receive 24,000 MKD per month or 12,000 MKD and financial assistance for housing.

Free summer or winter vacation for children from socially vulnerable categories

– In order to support vulnerable children, children from the categories receiving social assistance and children without parental care, the past two years we implemented projects for summer or winter vacation for these children. More than 2,000 children attended free vacation in Struga and Pelister, and this winter we will send 1,000 children to winter vacation, 7 days full board, free transport. As Government and as ministry at this point we give them something their parents cannot provide for them. This project will continue next year, as it is the interest of these children. I have visited them several times during the summer vacation and they were really happy and satisfied with the conditions. Some of them were for the first time on vacation and lake. Therefore, the project will continue this winter and next summer, in order to enable as many children as possible, explain Spasov.

The Macedonian government has transformed childcare and commitment to the sport into a project. Orphans and children from social disadvantaged families will be able to follow free training in swimming and football.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs led by Minister Spasov under their care have youngest and oldest, children and pensioners. Care, diligence, and reforms aimed at effortless childhood and old age that is more dignified will remain the focus of Dime Spasov.

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