PM Gruevski to Visit Russia

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Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and a Government delegation will visit the Russian Federation in the coming week, including Moscow, Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod and Saint Petersburg, and they will present opportunities for investment in Macedonia.

In an interview with Russian news agency ITAR-TASS, PM Gruevski says the visit represents an excellent opportunity to present the economic and investment potentials of Macedonia’s economy before Russian businessmen.

“I believe the events will be used to meet with Russian companies and talk about possibilities for specific investments in Macedonia”, says Gruevski.

He stresses that Macedonia and Russia share traditionally friendly ties, whereas political relations should be accompanied by enhanced economic cooperation, especially in the energy field.

“It would be very significant for us if we achieved more specific cooperation with Russia in the energy field. We are aware of Russia’s role in this sector. The draft agreement that the two countries have reached over settlement of the clearing debt of the Russian Federation to Macedonia from the time of former Yugoslavia could be effectuated through the construction of a gas pipeline at section Klecovce-Stip-Negotino-TEC Negotino-Kavadarci, which represents the main gas artery in our country. During the visit, Macedonia’s gas company with sign a cooperation memorandum with Russia’s Stroytransgaz towards enhancement of cooperation in the field”, says PM Gruevski.

According to him, there are numerous areas where companies could invest, such as agriculture and food production, mineral raw materials, wine, tourism.

“There are enormous potentials for enhancement of bilateral economic cooperation, both on state level and with regards to private investments”, says Gruevski, adding that investors will come across a stable environment in Macedonia, low taxes, low debt, sound banking system etc.

In addition, he emphasizes that investors who intend to expand their business in Macedonia will be supported by a Government that understands their needs and acts as partner in creating a business-friendly atmosphere.

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