More and more companies are reinvesting in Macedonia

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Slowly but surely, the number of foreign investors who decide to reinvest, open new plants or expand its production in the country is growing.

As one example of this phenomenon, is the new Russian investment company “Prodis”, which began with production in Bunardzikj a year ago, but announced two new investments worth €15 million, with a possibility to open 150-200 new jobs by the end of 2014.

The new and expanded investment of “Prodis” will consist of the production of homeopathic products and natural cosmetics, and opening of purchase, processing and pasteurization of raw materials plant.

Russian company “Prodis” is the latest, but not the only company that has decided to re- invest their capital and expand its production in the country.

Another example of foreign investment that expands its production is the British company “Johnson Matthey”, which recently put into operation its second production plant catalytic units, worth about €60 million, which will create an additional 200 new jobs.

Also, the U.S. Company “Johnson Controls” despite existing plant operating in TIRZ – Skopje, announced the opening of a new factory. The Investment is worth €20 million and will open 1,400 new jobs.

Reinvestment, expansion or construction of new factories and production plants is just confirmation of the excellent conditions for doing business that the state offers in the free zones, such as a series of benefits, tax and customs exemptions and construction of infrastructure.

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