Auer: France wants to help, but no announcement for meeting Hollande – Nimitz

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There is no plan for meeting between French President Francois Hollande and mediator for the name dispute Matthew Nimetz.

The way that it was done by Germany, does not mean that France will follow the same way.

This was stated by Laurence Auer, the Ambassador of France to Macedonia for the “Voice of the People” TV Sonce, in the context of the recent meeting of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin with mediator Nimitz.

She recalls that the French president in June this year met with his Macedonian counterpart President Gjorgje Ivanov. Both, she adds discussed in the presence of the ministers of foreign affairs of both countries in order France to assist in the negotiations. Auer also, points out that the French side is continuing with the efforts to help, and that the preparations for the European Council are underway.

Asked how will vote the official Paris at the European Council in December in relation to Macedonia, Ambassador Auer says she cannot answer, but what she knows is that the European Commission examines each country and consult and work together.

– The European Council does not come and say, “Here’s my vote”. Things are quite different. At the European Council, we reach it after long preparations, within the working groups, consultations, bilateral, trilateral, negotiations with the Commission, the Presidency, with the next presidency in January, which will be Greek, and all records are reviewed in a comprehensive manner. I could not tell you what will be on the agenda of the European Council or how are going to vote, because no one yet knows, that it is prepared from September until December, we are constantly working on this issue, said Auer.

It is important to note, she adds that there is a package of expansion and discussions for the expansion of the EC facilitated by the ambassadors of the member states in the country.

– We should use all occasions and circumstances to make things go forward, especially in the country where we are assigned. I am loyal to Macedonia, because I assigned here by the French side to improve bilateral relations, on the other hand I have specific task given by the French president to help the European integration, says French Ambassador.

That, she said, has changed since the Badinter was here, worked together with Alain LeRoy, and organized the first mission for peace and security “Concordia”.


– France has not changed its position. We have the same strategic purpose and that is to integrate all the countries of the Western Balkans. Which is more important today as the problems that affected the Balkan countries affect France too, explains Auer.

She is not expecting to have a repetition of the events from 24th of December last year in relation to adoption of the new Macedonian budget for 2014, because she says, we are obliged by the March agreement.

– The agreement from 1st of March binds us not to let occur such events. If that happens, all the efforts the country has made years ago will fail. I think that the crisis is behind us, we the agreement from 1st of March, then the Inquiry Commission helped to draw conclusions. Today those conclusions are coherent. Therefore, a mechanism that is very interesting for Macedonia. That same mechanism would not be able to create conflicts, procedural issues in relation to the presence of reporters in Parliament institution. It is about set of decisions that were adopted and which should prevent in future occurrence of such events, said the French Ambassador Auer for the “Voice of the people.”

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