Equipment worth half a million dollars donated by the United States for control of border security

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U.S. Ambassador to Macedonia Paul Wohlers donated equipment worth half a million to strengthen security at the Macedonian border crossings.

The donation includes devices for surveillance at night, thermal viewfinder, instruments for conducting monitoring, GPS devices, radiation detectors, weapons detectors, detection devices of drugs and explosives, digital cameras with sensors to detect movement, two patrol vehicles and a number of other technological means that will strengthen capacities of the border crossings.

Border security is one of the priorities of Macedonia and the Ministry of Interior Affairs and with today’s donation of highly sophisticated equipment, we will be able to control any type of goods and vehicles that pass the border, said the Minister of Interior Affairs, Gordana Jankulovska.

She said that in the first nine months of the year on the territory of Macedonia were discovered over 900 illegal migrants. Only at the south border, she said there is increase compared to the same period last year by 3.5 times, and huge is number of people from Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Besides these activities so far were carried out 90 acts of “smuggling” and “abuse of the visa regime,” for which were reported 53 offenders and were detected 187 illegal immigrants and 77 people who were trying to abuse the visa-free regime.

The Director of Customs Service, Vancho Kargov noted that last year they had about 25 cases of attempted smuggling of drugs and cigarettes.

Ambassador Wohlers said that the purpose of this donation is to improve the ability of the Macedonian border police and strengthening the control of border crossings.

– As we all know, safe borders are contributing to internal and regional security. Equipment will increase the capacity limit of the two border services in many ways, in conducting border surveillance, patrolling and disrupting illegal activities, combat against border crime and terrorism, radiation detection, identification of weapons for mass destruction and implementing primary and secondary inspection at border crossings, said the Ambassador Wohlers.

The Program for Export Control and Border Security USA for the past nine years gave assistance to Macedonia worth over three million dollars in the form of donations of equipment and training, and sponsored more than 90 trainings for more than a thousand employees at institutions in the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Interior Affairs.

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