New factories and plants – zones with excellent results

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Entry of new foreign companies in free economic zones and opening new plants of companies that have invested here is a signal that the policy of promoting technological industrial zones gives result, especially because these companies already have a significant share in the domestic export and in employment.

Economists who eVesti consulted after the start of construction of the new plant located in Johnson Matthey said that undoubtedly the economic zones have proved attractive to foreign investors. They say it is going on slowly but surely, precisely in the zones in the medium term period will be realized more foreign investment.

Last week the British from Johnson Matthey began construction of a second plant located next to the existing plant. The facility should be finished in two years, and the investment with value of additional 60 million will create another 100 jobs.

Kurir transmits the eVesti analysis.

A significant share of exports

It was exactly Johnson Matthey, the main company in this area and from there through the catalysts export, Macedonia significantly improved export picture. Actual export from the zones currently accounts for over 20 percent of total exports, i.e. 700 million euro. Analysts in this see the effectiveness of the open areas, but expect in the future to increase this percentage significantly.

– There is no better indication for what is the benefit from opening the zones in the country since realized export. Soon one third of total exports will be carried by zones, and in the future maybe more. On the other hand, is likely to increase the total exports of country which is extremely important to the overall economy of the country, says Professor Tome Nenovski for eVesti.

The Johnson Matthey is a company, which is one among top exporters. The implementation of the new investment, the total investment of British factory will reach 120 million euro. Analysts say that it is important that this company after two years decided to re-invest in Macedonia, which is another indication that it is satisfied with the initial decision to invest capital in the country.

Effect on employment

Their attitude is that it is very important that except the export component, the implementation of all investment zones have effect on employment. According to the data, the technological industrial zones employ several thousand people. In zones Skopje 1 and Skopje 2 are employed 1,350 people, while in the zone in Stip 750 people. The Minister Stavreski said that is expected further increase in employment in the factories in the economic zones.

– Bunardzik is a modern area, which offers all necessary services to investors. I do not want to remind you on hypocritical comparisons and malicious comments that it will be only green meadow. It would be good if they are here today and see the big global companies like Johnson Controls, Johnson Matthey, Kemet Electronics, Tehnokoze and see the overall result of the efforts of the Government and our commitment to attract foreign investment and to create conditions for their operations in the zone,” said Stavreski.

According to government expectations following 2014, exporting of the companies in zones will reach up to 35 percent of the total export of the country. Except the two in Skopje, the zones in Shtip and Tetovo are functioning. It is planned to have zones in Prilep, Gevgelija, Kichevo, Strumica, Rankovce, Struga, and Radovish. We already laid the cornerstone for the start of infrastructure construction at the zone in Strumica in September.

In these zones are already stationed the known international companies, Johnson Controls and Johnson Matthey, Kemet Electronics, Teknohoze, Protek Group etc.

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