New 200 jobs at new factory of Johnson Matthey

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The new facilities of the international company “Johnson Matthey” in the industrial zone “Skopje 1 – Bunardzik” are opened for producing auto-catalysts with investment of 60 million euro in the construction.

The Prime Minister in the presence of company leadership set in use the new facility, which will employ 200 people.

He said that the first venture of Johnson Matthey justified the expectations of investors, ands the management of the company only after three years of the first factory expressed interest in building second factory plant in Macedonia.

– We as government continue with policies for improving conditions for doing business in Macedonia, ongoing communication and partnership with the private sector, investment in technological industrial development zones in the country and certainly consistent with the promotion of investment opportunities abroad. Such investment and reinvestment as is the case with Johnson Matthey are ongoing with several other companies, which only confirm the correctness of our policy, said the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

“Johnson Matthey”, said Gruevski, is the number one exporter of Macedonia, and in the new production plant, their stake in Macedonia’s exports will further increase.

Gruevski expects “Johnson Matthey” exports for next year to reach a billion euro and a year later 1.25 billion euro. He wished success in future work to the representatives of the “Johnson Matthey”, conquering new markets and new customers, increased volume of demand and sales of their products and if their needs require increased production and a third factory in the country.

The Executive Director of Environmental Technologies “Johnson Matthey” John Walker said along with funds for new facilities the company has invested 132 million euro which proved their intent for long-term investment in Macedonia.


– In the plant were produced 10 million catalysts for only three years, record for any new facility of “Johnson Matthey”. In addition, the construction standards were achieved quickly and they are at the best in class. This is an example and a model for what can be achieved with a Greenfield investment, said Walker.

Viktor Mizo, director of the TIDZ said the investment of “Johnson Matthey” is the largest Greenfield investment in Macedonia.

– In addition to increased demand for automotive catalysts on world markets and new global regulations support from the institutions and reforms of doing business in Macedonia were certainly one of the key factors “Johnson Matthey” to make the decision for reinvestment, said Mizo.

The second manufacturing plant, pointed, create new jobs, as well as the transfer of knowledge, development of new technologies and participation of local companies in suppliers process of “Johnson Matthey”. If last year the company export was around 480 million euro in two new production lines are expected to more than double the exports by 2015.

The new plants of “Johnson Matthey” in Macedonia have two additional lanes and a total capacity of 10 million light auto catalysts. Currently have 450 employees, while expansion according to the investor creates conditions to employ 200 people.

“Johnson Matthey” PLC is a company that ranks among the 100 most powerful brands on the London Stock Exchange. It is among the world’s leading manufacturers of catalysts for control emissions from vehicles and leader in systems for reducing emissions from industrial processes in plants around the world.

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