Minister-Rama: We have good bilateral relations, while the economic cooperation is the priority

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Macedonia and Albania have good bilateral relations and mutual desire to promote them especially in the economic sphere, in the interest of both countries and the region, evaluate the Macedonian and Albanian Prime Minister, Nikola Gruevski and Edi Rama after today’s meeting.

– Macedonia continues proactively to engage in promoting good neighborly relations and regional cooperation. We believe that all challenges can be overcome with constructive policy in the spirit of European cooperation and the spirit of good neighborly relations, based on the principles of respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty and peaceful resolution of challenges through open dialogue, said Gruevski.

It was mutually agreed that there was continuity for political dialogue, mutual respect and trust and good cooperation on regional level. At the meeting, emphasis was placed on the need for intensifying and promoting the economic cooperation in road and rail infrastructure, as well as several projects in the field of energy connection.

The Prime Minister of Albania said that relations with Macedonia have special meaning for them, as well as territorial integrity, which is essential for good movement of the whole region toward the European Union.

– Albania is interested in intensive relations with neighbors and in case with Macedonia in all areas. We are ready to open new paths of cooperation to strengthen economic cooperation with specific ideas and projects for mutual development, said Rama.

Albania’s Prime Minister is visiting Macedonia at the invitation of Macedonian Prime Minister, Nikola Gruevski. In addition to his colleague, he will meet with President Gjorgje Ivanov, the Assembly President Trajko Veljanoski and DUI and DPA leaders, Ali Ahmeti and Meduh Thaci.

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